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Photo Studio Administrator at Condé Nast, Image Manager at Condé Nast, Shooter at Lita Corp. This one,100 sq. ft. mid century professional attic area is open, shiny, and well equipped for photograph and movie launches along with staging for editorial, collection and advertising shows. Place that is shopper, make up private and table dressing room in each facility with access with bathtub to popular kitchen and bathroom. We have space that may be booked out for substantial events (i.e: celebrations, trend displays, sector gatherings) along with smaller functions, we have several individual companies that may be employed for photo-shoots, castings, dance rehersals, read throughs, and much more.

With water opinions and superb location, Kayak can be an ideal place for almost any celebration or image/video shoot. In tune with all the growing community home is called by it, it offers two eclectic studio places which have published limbs and gatherings of sizes and all shapes. You're able to count on us for 2400w / s with 2 heads, C- Stands and system stands, A-Clamps, Soft field, Umbrellas, and also other photography equipment that is contemporary. Each studio have 500-sq foot shooting spot with fantastic natural light and is 1200 sqft with 12-ft high roofs.

Professional photo business with significant wall to wall windows facing East & South (6 each aspect) for adequate natural illumination. SoHo/Nolita Professional picture business with substantial wall to wall windows facing East & South (6 each facet) for ample natural light. Multi level townhouse in West Village available for video shoots photo shoots, Photo studio new york and functions events. Groundfloor business has individual entry, home, and toilet, plus efficiency point setup . Light-Room Photo Studio Fully functional loft picture business for rent filled with marvelous normal light and big Cyc.